Monday, November 10, 2014

Astrological Aspects

The aspects are the angles the planets make to each other in the horoscope, and also to the Ascendant, Mid-heaven, Descendant and Nadir. The aspects are measured by the angular distance along the ecliptic in degrees and minutes of celestial longitude between two points, as viewed from the earth.
They indicate focal points in the horoscope where the energies involved are given extra emphasis. The more exact the angle, the more powerful the aspect, although an allowance of a few degrees each side of the aspect called an orb is allowed for interpretation.
According to astrological tradition, they indicate the timing of transitions and developmental changes in the lives of people and affairs relative to the Earth.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


K P Numbers 1 to 22

Sun Transits 0°April 14 every year

Sign : Taurus
Sun transiit 0° on 14th May

Sign : Gemini
Sun transit 0° June 16

Sign :Cancer
Sun transit 0° july 17

Sign :Leo
Sun transit 0° Auggust 18

Sign :Virgo
Sun transit 0° Sept 17

Sign : Libra
Sun transiit 0° October 18

Sign : Scorpio
Sun transit v November 16
sign : Sagittarius
Sun transit December 15

Sign : Capricorn
Sun transit 0° January 14


Sign : Aquarius
Sun transit 0° february 14

Sign : Pisces
Sun transit 0° March 15

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birth time rectification through KP Astrology

(Reference : Article published in Star Teller magazine written by Andrew Dutta.)
THE accuracy of any astrological prediction is fundamentally dependent upon three major inputs: a) accurate birth details of the native, b) sound knowledge and experience of the astrologer about the science of astrology and c) the correct casting of the horoscope. Of these three critical inputs, the correct casting of the horoscope is an essential sine qua non for which the accuracy of the birth details is of utmost importance.


According to K.P. planets occupying a certain star, gets connection with the bhava occupied by the star lord and becomes a significator to that bhava in the first order and also the bhava owned by the star lord, provided they are vacant. A planet will be in the sub of some planet, who decides to offer good are evil results.
If a planet has become the significator to the 1st bhava, i.e., the lagna bhava, it promises long life, success in his attempts, and helps to keep good health provided if its sub lord is not significator to the 6th or 8th or 12th.


RULING PLANETS : Unique Concept of KP for Powerful Divine Guidance during predictions..
A unique contribution of  Guruj late K.S. Krishnamurtiji  to the  science of Astrology is proper application of Ruling Planets or RPs .
In simple words Ruling Planets are the planets which rule over the particular moment of judgment (in the case of horary/Prashna), birth ( natal chart), or whatever the issue maybe. They are the strongest determinants of the moment. According to Guruji they are:

·         Star Lord of the Lagna
·         Lagna Lord
·         Star Lord of Moon
·         Sign Lord of Moon
·         And Lord of the WeekDay
Later SubLord of Lagna & SubLord of Moon too

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